Can You Guarantee That I'll Be Ranked #1 Locally For My Keywords/Industry?
Absolutely not, no one can or should say they provide guaranteed rankings. We are here to significantly increase your chances of making a strong ROI based off years of experience.
What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?
SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.
What is your SEO process
We first do a complete audit on your website to compile a list of issues that might hinder search engine rankings. We also check search engines and competitors to relate your keywords and phrases to your niche. Once all this is done we work on a strategy which in turn will be discussed with you and the way forward.
How long wil it take for results?
This depends on a few factors.  We have no control over how often Google and other search engines crawl websites. Niche and competition also play a big role. Domain age and trust. How much work there is to do on page and many more. We have had sites begin to show results within a couple of days however it takes a couple of months to see real-time working results.
Can I only do once off SEO?
Yes, however, we cannot promise any results as SEO is an ongoing process which can take months to years.  We recommend a minimum of 6 months campaign to see real results.
Will I see what has been done monthly?
Yes, we send monthly reports from the end of month 2 as the first month is mostly implementing strategy and analytics.
Do you change elements on my website?
We normally change backend elements if required.  In some cases, we will either need to contact your web developer or make on page changes ourselves.  These are only required when we make big updates to the content.
How do I know which keywords to use?
Our consultant will do a complete audit on your website and assist with the process of choosing keywords.
Can you manage my website?
Absolutely! However, we will send you a separate agreement for management of website and content.
Can you write content for my website?
Yes, we do have professional content writers that can assist with the task.  This is a separate service and will be billed as required.
What is your recommendation for duration of the SEO campaign?
We always recommend a minimum of 6 months for any SEO campaign but sometimes this is not enough time to yield desired results.  The best SEO is done over a course of 12 months.