Local SEO Services

What is Local SEO

Local SEO is a process that increases your business or brand visibility geographically. Local SEO has grown significantly over the last few years given the rise of the smartphone.  Millions of people use their smartphones to search for businesses in their areas.

Local SEO uses multiple strategies getting your site ranked on search engines like Google and multiple directory services.  This allows users searching for services to find a provider near them.

This method of SEO offers a highly targeted approach unlike dropping flyers and brochures in mailboxes or paying for an ad in the local newspaper.

This method of marketing is also very timely as people search for services locally when they require them.

Proven Results Local SEO

Rank In Local Search

We dedicate a huge amount of time and effort on getting local search results.  We constantly monitor and evaluate wheter the information we use is accurate.  We deal with local directories and ensure our best efforts to attract targeted audiences.

Content Optimization

Using our professional content writers we check that the website content is accurate for search engines and directories to list the services we require in the areas of service.

SEO Consulting

Brainstorming with our customer allows us to ensure that the correct audience is being targeted.  We also work with our client to oversee their products and services are being listed as required.

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